Gourmet Grilling for Summer

Summer is always a time for celebration with various holidays, summer sun and is a great time to the gather with family and friends. But for foodies and those of us who love to grill, braise, and BBQ, summer is a culinary adventure where we can church up old favorites and turn them into gourmet delights. Take classic summer BBQ dishes to the next level with some of these delicious recipes—you’ll be known as culinary royalty the rest of summer!

Big Daddy Carolina Style BBQ Sauce 

Big Daddy's Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce

Nothing says summer quite like barbecuing and BBQ sauce. One method for BBQ calls for vinegar to create the acidic bite within the sweet sauce. Instead of using cider vinegar for Big Daddy’s Carolina Style BBQ sauce, substitute our White Condiment Vinegar to bring out the tang your guests will crave. You can also up the ante in your BBQ game by serving your guests a deliciously bold and sweet balsamic BBQ sauce. This recipe from Serious Eats uses nearly a bottle of tangy balsamic vinegar to give your sauce a complexity you will crave again and again. 

Paleo/Vegan Spinach & Artichoke Dip 

One of the best dips of all time, spinach artichoke dip, is the perfect way to enjoy summer artichokes. Unfortunately, for many of us who are paleo or vegan, we can’t partake in the ooey, gooey cheesy goodness that is artichoke dip. Luckily, PaleOMG has come to the rescue with a spinach artichoke dip that can be prepared without (or with!) cheese. If you opt for the cheese recipe, fresh goat cheese can be used, but you can also add the classic cream cheese for an even creamier version. Make sure that you grab a jar of our artichoke hearts to make this delicious dish! 

Seven Layer Black Bean Dip 

Salsas are a refreshing appetizer to beat the summer heat. Our All-pepper salsas are the perfect match your salsa needs, whether you are making a stacked plate of nachos or creating a beautiful layered dip. Over at How Sweet It Is, a crockpot carne asada recipe will free your grill for grilling and keep your mouth full thanks to the stacks of chips, cheese, and fresh vegetables. You can make them even healthier (and fresher tasting to boot!) with our Fire Roasted Yellow Pepper Salsa, giving your nachos a savory garlic and pepper taste. If layered dips are your favorite of celebrating Independence Day, try Rachel Ray’s Seven Layer Black Bean Dip for your party. Instead of using chipotle peppers for the sour cream layer, use our Fire Roasted Red Pepper salsa: you’ll get the same smoky depth you would find with the chipotle peppers, but with the fresh taste you can only find with our all-pepper salsas. 

Grilled Bruschetta 


There’s nothing quite like eating delicious, fresh baked bread as an appetizer, especially when it is toasted and topped with delightful spreads. We recommend picking up a fresh baguette from your local baker, slicing it and brushing with olive oil, and grilling the slices on the grill. Rubbing the slices with garlic cloves infuses the crostini with fresh garlic taste without eating chunks of garlic. You can then top each slice with one of our Bruschetta spreads. To give your bruschetta another dimension of flavor, try topping your bruschetta with shaved parmesan, fresh herbs, or crispy prosciutto. Make sure you make extra because these will be gone in a flash! 

Avocado Deviled Eggs 

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are assumed to be a dish from the Mad Men era of dining, but not anymore with this tasty recipe from Allrecipes. Thanks to adding avocados to the yolk and topping with turkey bacon, not only are they fresher tasting, but healthier too! You can top these deviled eggs with our Sliced Tricolor Jalapeño to add a colorful twist to the otherwise green yolk filling. Served alongside aged prosciutto, and Sam I am will be jealous of your green eggs and ham! 

Gourmet Grilling


Grilling meat is a summer pastime perfect for those summer celebrations. You can dress up your steak, chicken, or pork with one of our Truffle Sauces. Made with Italian summer truffles, these decadent sauces will have your guests raving over your grilling style. Try using our Sundried Tomato Truffle Sauce with a top of the line, medium-rare New York Strip: the tomatoes and truffles will highlight the beef flavor without masking it. You can also marinate chicken breasts and thighs in a basil pesto truffle sauce and drizzle it on top when serving it: your guests will be delighted by the fresh basil and truffle flavors. Finally, you can dress up your pork chops with our Artichoke Truffle Sauce: your guests will be begging for more!

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