With rising restaurant rates, more people eating homemade lunches

Posted by the Chicago Tribune on September 14th, 2016

The Chicago Tribune stated that research published by The NPD Group, Inc., a large market research company that monitors consumer purchase trends nationwide,  indicates that more people are making their own lunches instead of going out to eat during the day due to rising restaurant prices.

The decline in lunch traffic has been seen for a decade as more office workers sign-in from home. (Pajama-clad telecommuters are less likely to schedule business lunches.) Even the distraction of online shopping was credited for the decline, because it leads to fewer breaks for food. Weekday lunch traffic fell 7 percent.”  

But recent menu price increases have made the declines worse, NPD said. Average lunch checks for the spring quarter increased as much as 5 percent compared with the same period a year ago, NPD said.. That has moved meals beyond what some consumers are willing to pay, leading to lower customer satisfaction and fewer repeat visits.”

With this increasing trend for making your own lunch, people’s awareness and need for eating healthy during the workday has never been more important. People are continuously on the go and don’t have enough time to make their lunch, let alone, stop, sit, and eat it. The need for convenient, healthy and affordable meals is in high demand. Good thing, Cucina & Amore’s selection of delicious Quinoa Meals makes it easy for everyone.

Read the original Chicago Tribune article here.


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